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UNIAP along with anti trafficking partners from ILO, UNESCO, World Vision, and NEXUS Institute share their expertise and experiences on addressing human trafficking in Myanmar
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SIREN Report GMS-10: Exposing trafficking in supply chains through investigative journalism.
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UNIAP Recruitment Agency Report
Re-thinking Trafficking Prevention - A Guide to Applying Behaviour Theory
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UNIAP Recruitment Agency Report
Recruitment Agencies and the Employment of Cambodian Domestic Workers in Cambodia
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(Re)Integration - Perspectives of Victim Service Agencies on Successes & Challenges in Trafficking Victim publication released
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UNIAP 2010 Human Traffcking Datasheets
UNIAP 2010 Human Trafficking Datasheets Released
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no-trafficking.org is the online resource center for the United Nations Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking (UNIAP).

UNIAP was established in 2000 with a central focus on trafficking in persons and a mandate to facilitate a stronger and more coordinated response to trafficking in persons in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS).


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COMMIT Senior Officials Meeting 9

The 9th COMMIT Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) was held last week from 21 – 22 February, bringing together senior government officials from the six nations of the Greater Mekong Sub-Region (Cambodia, China, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam), who are committed to the goal of eradicating the heinous crime of human trafficking both domestically and transnationally from this region.

SOM 9, which was hosted this year by the Royal Thai Government, came at an exciting point in the COMMIT Process. In the final year of its third phase, this Senior Officials Meeting focused on the past achievements of the process, the best practice methods that could be learned from those achievements, and how to best apply those lessons in determining the future direction that the process will take. 

The official theme of SOM 9 was: Coordination and Action to Combat Human Trafficking: Lessons Learned from the COMMIT Process and Country Initiatives. The meeting focused on the many achievements of the COMMIT Process over the past year, and used the lesson learned from those achievements to establish the priorities for 2013 and beyond. With the third phase of the process drawing to a close at the end of 2013, the meeting was also a crucial first step in discussing and planning the future of the process.
Some of the major recommendations produced in the meeting include:

The 9th COMMIT Senior Officials Meeting was an extremely productive event that provided the Governments of the Greater Mekong Sub-Region a forum to coordinate their regional anti-trafficking efforts. With human trafficking being a largely transnational crime, the annual SOM event is one of the most important opportunities for the governments to come together and effectively plan and coordinate a unified regional response to the terrible crime of human trafficking. This SOM was no exception and the planning and discussions that occurred over these two days laid the ground work for the future of much of the regions anti-trafficking action over the next 5 to 10 years.  



11 October 2012 -

Updated Cambodian/Viet Nam National Laws and Agreements: Agreement on the Amendment to the Agreement Between the Royal Government of Cambodia and the Government of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam on Bilateral Cooperation for Eliminating Trafficking in Women and Children and Assisting Victims of Trafficking click here

11 October 2012 -

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11 October 2012 -

UNIAP and Lao Women’s Union Launch Long-Term Initiative for Nationwide Improvement of Shelters Serving Trafficked Persons click here

5 October 2012 -

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28 September 2012 -

Young filmmakers from international schools compete in UN-led contest to raise awareness of human trafficking and slavery in product supply chains more info

6 September 2012 -

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