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Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is really an invisible problem. It's very easy for a lot of people to become unaware of this global problem due to its often invisible nature. You only hear about human trafficking in the news when it takes a very obvious form.

Trafficking Harms

If you’re watching T.V. and chance up on the late-night news, you might come across some sort of a sweatshop being raided by the local police. Alternatively, you may have heard of people caught in a sex trafficking ring. Make no mistake about it, though, human trafficking actually takes many different forms. It also occurs on many different levels.

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Global Community

What makes it so dangerous and such a pervasive problem is that it often assumes a “legal” form at first. This involves people looking for work. It might even take that the guise of a perfectly illegal immigrant situation. There are many recruiters out there that look perfectly legit. However, given the right set of circumstances, or if the situation involves the wrong.

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Raising Awareness

To a certain extent, it would be fair to say that human trafficking is a crime of opportunity. People engage in this type of crime not initially intending it, but when certain circumstances arise, their relationship turns into something that closely involves trafficking at some level or other. This is why trafficking is often disguised.

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Trafficking Victims

Interestingly enough, a lot of people turn a blind eye to this because it seems like it involves “willing” participants. That’s what it appears on the surface, but when you look into the details, these people don’t have free will, or don’t have any control over their situation.

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Immigration Victims

There are no two ways about it; human trafficking harms the whole community. You may be living in a gated community or in a very distant community, but believe us, the abuse and the hurt produced by human trafficking can and does reach your part of the country.

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Unkindest Cut

This abuse is often not reported. The crimes are often concealed. When this takes place, other laws are broken. We’re not just talking about sexual exploitation, sexual labor or labor law exploitation, there are even environmental, as well as other regulatory violations, involved.

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Trafficking Gallery

Accordingly, it doesn't take much for pervasive human trafficking to lead to a law enforcement dilemma, as well as judicial challenges. This website, notrafficking, is dedicated to raising awareness regarding human trafficking.

Trafficking Info

Regardless of its many different forms, whether it is evidently apparent or not, we are committed to getting to the bottom of this problem. Subsequently, this website serves as a clearinghouse for all sorts of solutions to human trafficking issues cutting across all cultures and language groups. We are also dedicated to marshalling a global community of activists and concerned citizens who will aim to end this problem once and for all.

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Prevention Steps

No-trafficking raises awareness regarding the dangers and reach of global human trafficking by making a large set of resources available from both official and unofficial sources. We also provide global access to human trafficking activists, law enforcement agencies and other concerned citizens from all over the world. These materials are provided in a wide range of languages. In addition to resources, we also tell you what to do.

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Our Team

If you are stumped as to how to detect human trafficking, and what legal remedies are available in your local area, we will guide you, so you can get the attention of local and international authorities.


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By that fostering this environment, we ensure a closer coordination between concerned citizens, non-governmental organizations, governmental authorities and any other concerned establishment, as well as victims, for tighter law enforcement coordination.

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