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White Dragon Kratom can Calm you

Anxiety has always been a problem for me before discovering white dragon kratom. I have always been one of those loners who feel comfortable with themselves and barely talk in public, yet I can agree that I always wanted more from people. My mood was inevitably affected as well before discovering this amazing Kratom Strain as alternative Medication.

Anxiety medication worked to a point, but then I ended up struggling with those pills. I ended up trying to find a natural alternative to all these, so I run into White Dragon Kratom – a common plant from Asia with opioid properties, but perfectly legal.

Kratom is widely accessible and easy to find. However, there is a thing – there are plenty of strains out there, and each of them has specific properties. It took me a while to find a good Kratom shop, but luckily, the staff from TheGoldenMonk could make a good recommendation, the WHITE DRAGON, based on my needs too.

From this point of view, the white dragon seems to be the right option – excellent for good, relaxing, and no anxiety.

White Dragon Kratom is one of the best Strains.

White Dragon Strain is among the popular Kratom Strains and for some good reasons. Most importantly, it has excellent healing properties in a natural way. This Kratom strain can tackle anxiety, depression and other similar problems without side effects like drugs and medication.

Given its popularity, it is straightforward to find, and the value for money is excellent. It is among the best-rated strains in the shop, and it has plenty of positive reviews over the Internet, so it is not just me who finds it so useful.

Other than that, Kratom usually works pretty fast. It takes me minutes to feel more relaxed. I take it under certain circumstances – home after work, before a gathering with friends or to relax on a Sunday afternoon. Minutes later, I feel better and more relaxed.

The popularity of the white dragon makes it available in multiple forms, yet I recommend the Kratom powder – it can be mixed into yogurts, smoothies or shakes too.

How I decided on the best strain of kratom

There are quite a few strains of kratom. They share similar characteristics and effects, yet small things make the difference. The white dragon is among the most popular ones, so it also provides a good value for money.

I could buy any random strain of kratom, but I wanted to make sure about my decision. So said, so done. I started researching and learning the differences between one Kratom strain and another. Most White Strains help against anxiety and depression, but some of them do it better than others.

Once I got a list of the best strains, I chose the one with the least essential effects for me and the best value for money. That’s how I came up with the White Dragon Strain, which will most likely work wonders for anyone.

There was one thing I could not figure – the best Kratom dose. I called the customer service and explained my expectations, so they told me precisely how much of it I needed.

The pros of taking White Dragon Kratom

I was not 100% convinced that the Dragon Strain would work, but it was worth a chance. So many people claim on its amazing benefits, so there must be something good about this Kratom Strain.

It does take off being consistent though, as the effects are quite mild in the beginning.

Relieving anxiety symptoms

Constant panic and fear were the main symptoms of anxiety haunting me. I was worried about everything – things that would never make sense. I felt a constant pressure on my shoulders and only experienced relief when things did not happen.

A few months ago, I also started experiencing sleep problems. That was when I started looking for healthy alternatives, as I could not pump my body with chemicals and drugs. It was just not worth it. It took a few Kratom doses to ease anxiety while sleeping with no issues from the first night.

Improving my moods

Negativity and fear disappeared right away after the first dose of Kratom Powder. I find it hard to figure why though. I started feeling chilled and relaxed, so naturally, I felt better about myself. All those severe symptoms disappeared, and I was drug-free. These are a pretty good reason to feel happy

Therefore, whatever way it works, I must say that white dragon gets the job done. It uplifts your mood from the first Kratom dose. What I cannot tell is whether it does something to you or it is just your happiness for getting over other problems.

Missing adverse reactions

Each package of white dragon kratom comes with some instructions – how much to take, how to smoke it (if you want), try to avoid alcohol and so on. I asked the customer service for advice for my anxiety too though. I started with a smaller dose than what the capsules package said and always respected the instructions.

From this point of view, I did not experience any side effects at all after taking Kratom(Later I tested other strains too like Red Bali Kratom and Red Vein Kratom, both from TGM, and again, got no side effects). I did feel a bit nervous at first, but once I got familiar with it, it was all good. I blame the nervousness on my general anxiety anyway.

The cons of taking this White Dragon Strain

I find it hard to complain about anything regarding my experience with the white dragon or the actual kratom store, which even told me the right Kratom dose. However, here are a few things that could make the customer’s experience even better – mostly related to the shop.

Payment options

During checkout, I could pay by card (debit and credit) and electronic checks. I am a bit anxious about relieving my card details online, but given other reviews about the Kratom shop, I gained enough confidence to do it. For me and others like me, most shops would get more customers if they accepted PayPal – just my two cents. It was not so much of a hassle though.

Shipping times​​

There are a few shipping options for Kratom, and each of them depends on several factors – working days or holidays. A bit confusing. I chose the standard one, which was supposed to take a couple of days – the tops.

It made my White Dragon Kratom four days to arrive though. It was not an emergency, and you should certainly not depend on mail services if you are about to run low. Just order kratom earlier, and you should be alright.


Bottom line, I have no words to describe my experience with white dragon kratom. It is one of the best decisions of my life – bye anxiety and fear. Hello to good moods, and a positive attitude. I would gladly recommend to anyone struggling with such problems to take this Kratom Strain on a regular basis.​

Last Updated: 18th Jan 2018

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