Best Quilting Rotary Cutter Reviews – All You Need to Know

It is just about a few years ago that quilters had few choices when they wanted to buy a rotary cutter. It is important you are aware of the fact that things have changed over the years because these days just about every manufacturer that produces rotary cutters now allow us to choose from various handle types, blade sizes, safety latches, and much more features. There is no doubt that it is good news, most especially for quilters. What it means is that for every project there is a quilting rotary cutter to meet its requirement.

Rotary Cutter Blades

Rotary cutters are now made available in different blade sizes, but the most common blade size is from 17mm to 65mm in diameter. It is important you know that it is easier to slice through fabric with a larger rotary blade, most especially layers of fabric.

It has been observed that smaller rotary cutting blades find it easy to navigate around intricate shapes and curves, the majority of the quilters still prefer rotary cutters with larger blades.

There have been reviews about people getting good results with Olfa blades. They seem to stay sharp for a long period compared to other blades in the market and they tend to fit into the majority of the rotary cutters. However, there are various quality brands to choose from.

Some quilter tends to buy a small tool that helps them in sharpening rotary cutting blades. In addition, you will find quilters that can be of assistance if it’s a good option, so be free to ask your friends and family for opinions.

Which Handle is Best for You?

Handles are where the styles of the rotary cutter fly off in a different direction. When shopping you will find handles that are curved to fit right into the palm of your hand and you will also find straight handles. Over the years, different manufacturers have come up with different ideas for cutters

Rotary Cutter Safety Latches

You will observe that majority of rotary cutter have a safety latch that moves to keep the blade covered or to expose it. Latches work in different manners, you will find some that are difficult to be managed, I perchance you have arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or other medical conditions that will weaken your wrists or hands. The advancements in technology inspired manufacturers to make rotary cutters with automated closures.

No Matter Which Cutter You Choose

There is every chance that you will buy more than one rotary cutter, owing to the fact that there are certain rotary cutters that are suitable for a certain task than others. It is advised that you begin with a basic rotary cutter and as you get experienced, you add to your collection.

It is highly recommended that you follow the basic rotary cutter safety advice when using this machine. Ensure that the blade is retracted each time that you place the cutter down and it is best you adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions when replacing the blades. Dispose used blades responsibly and store new blades in secured places.

It is advised that you do make any cut on anything than your cutting mat, and invest more time into learning how to care and clean your cutting mat, just so that it will be in an excellent condition for years.

  • September 18, 2018
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