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More and more people use Kratom every day while good Vendors and online Dealers are harder and harder to find. Many Stores selling Kratom claim to sell the “legit” product, but we discovered the hard way that most of them are not. Here at, our job is to test all the vendors on the Kratom Market and filter out the bad ones or let you know about the vendors that decreased quality over time, so you can avoid wasting your money on substandard Kratom. We are not getting paid by anyone to have our TOP  list of Kratom vendors the way we have it, our team is dedicated to having a legit ranking of the top kratom vendors month by month. Here are the best Kratom Vendors you can find online in February 2020:

1. TGM Shop – Great Kratom Vendor, recently became our top choice.

This Reputable Online Kratom Vendor is the best by far. The vendor (check their website here) delivered our most recent Kratom order on 3 February 2020 and we can say it’s as good as always. They are one of the few vendors which don’t lie about the quantity of kratom from each shipment. Also, we can easily feel it’s a legit Kratom, especially when we compare it with the other products that we’ve got from the other sellers.

Initially, we did not expect this Vendor to have better Kratom than its more expensive competitors, but we got proved wrong fairly quick. Even if their prices are 1.5-2x lower than the other sellers, the Kratom Quality is uncompromised, maybe even the best we ever tested. We are pretty sure this is because they are pretty new in the industry and still trying to make a good reputation.

Besides the high-quality Kratom, this vendor also has some attractive deals going on, like the loialty points, that give you around 10% off for repeated purchases.

As they are our main Kratom Vendor, we make pretty big orders from them, and we get free delivery. But any order above $49 comes with free delivery so you don’t have to order in bulk as we do.

The entire No-Trafficking team agrees on this: they are by far the best online Kratom vendor at the moment. We are ordering for quite a while now and we didn’t manage to find anything bad to say about them and it seems we are not the only ones, let’s take a look at our Facebook poll:

Kratom Vendor Pool
Kratom Vendor Pool

As you can see, our Facebook Group members agreed with us, even before we published this article with TGM being our #1 choice.

Remember: We will continue buying from them each month and update this article constantly. If you decide to follow our recommendation and get your Kratom from them, let us know how it went in the comment section, so we can help other people that are looking for a legit kratom vendor.

2. Coastline Kratom – One of the Best Kratom Vendors when it comes to quality.

This Vendor was for a long time one of the only few legit online vendors. The quality of its Kratom never decreased over time, so we can’t complain about it much here. Coastline was our top recommended kratom vendor for almost one year, but then we decided to let its younger brother (TGM) take its spot mostly because they are offering very similar Kratom in terms of Quality (I personally think TGM gives better quality, but that’s subjective) BUT Coastline is Charging almost double when compared to TGM for the almost exact same product.

So, in the end, we respect Coastline as a Good Vendor for not decreasing the quality of their products over time, but we’ll keep on shopping from their competitor for now.

3. Mitragaia Kratom – Online Vendor that decreased quality over time.

Mitragaia is our second pick for the “best kratom vendors” list on February 2020, they were ranking #1 two months ago but TGM managed to get their crown delivering better quality Kratom, at least for our past 2 orders.


Mitragaia online vendor started in 2015 as Gaia Kratom and has quickly become one of the most reputable Kratom vendors in the industry. They are situated in Jacksonville, Florida, but they ship throughout the entire country.

You can browse for kratom powder, capsules, and extracts, as well as choose from products made from various strains of the plant. Apart from selling kratom to individuals, the company offers wholesale deals for smoke shops and other stores looking to sell this plant.

Mitragaia proudly emphasizes that they offer same-day shipping, and they also provide returns and refunds for unopened packages. They claim to have more than 5 million online reviews, which is an indicator that they are doing a good job.

You can easily find your way around the Mitragaia online shop due to the simplicity of the website’s interface. The ordering process is simple, and you can always contact the seller if you have any questions.

4. Kratom Crazy – The best Vendor to buy kratom in bulk – for resellers.

These guys will never leave our top kratom vendors list, mostly because they seem to keep delivering month after month quality products, they are very well known, but still they don’t seem to plan on reducing the quality of their products anytime soon!



Kratom Crazy is a Florida-based vendor that has been on the market since 2018. Although they do not have a long tradition, their approach is what placed the company among the top-rated kratom sellers. The seller sources products from Indonesia or directly from the wholesale vendors in the United States. Their policy involves ensuring at least 1.6% mitragynine in the products they sell.

Let us remind you that it is the alkaloids that deliver all those benefits of kratom we often discuss. When ordering from Kratom Crazy, you can only get a more generous amount of mitragynine, but a minimum of 1.6% is guaranteed.

The company claims that they offer premium quality kratom free of any organic contaminants. You can order various strains and products. Customers also have an option to choose between several different sizes, which means both individuals and corporate clients are welcome.

5. SoCal Kratom – We liked it in the past, not so much now in 2020.

SoCal Kratom is our fourth Kratom Vendor when sorted by popularity and quality of their products, over-time they decreased the quality that they impressed us with when they started, but still offer a very good product nowadays, unfortunately for them tho, not the best in our opinion.


SoCal Herbal Remedies is the full name of the company that doesn’t sell only kratom, but also other herbal products that aim to boost your health. You can find botanical products, herbal teas, essential oils, soaps, kava, and even apparel in their catalog.

When it comes to kratom, it is noticeable that they do not have a wide range of kratom products available. The offer is limited to herbal extracts you can use to prepare tea, and you can choose from several different options.

SoCal Herbal Remedies is situated in California and claims to offer top-quality products at fair prices. They have a network of partners throughout the world to source fresh kratom and other herbs they use in making their remedies. You can expect quick shipping, as well as a prompt response if you send a question to their customer service department.

6. Herbal Salvation Kratom

Fighting hard for the third place as our best kratom vendor, Herbal Salvation is doing a good job overall, just that we don’t really believe their prices match their Kratom Quality and that’s why they managed to get only #4 on our top vendors list.


Herbal Salvation as 5th Best Kratom Vendor

Herbal Salvation is another company that doesn’t focus only on selling kratom products. That is not necessarily a bad thing, especially since they have years of experience in the industry.

The seller started in 2012 as a company focusing on hemp products and alternative herbal medicine. Over time, they expanded their business to selling all sorts of herbal products, including lotions, soaps, scrubs, teas, tinctures, etc.

As for kratom, you can find strains coming from all sorts of Asia, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Indonesia. The company claims that their kratom is jungle-harvested and packaged in GMP facilities. To ensure high-quality products, Herbal Salvation re-tests everything once they receive the packages from abroad.

The company filters kratom based on the strain and import location. The product page offers a detailed description, and you can choose between several different packaging sizes. The vendor seems to focus only on serving individuals, but you can try to contact them for wholesale deals.

7. Coastline Kratom


Coastline Kratom florida based Vendor and focuses only on selling kratom products. They are an online shop founded in 2015, and the vendor tries to offer complete customer satisfaction by securing single-day shipping and offering a money back guarantee. The company will send products for free throughout the US.

The website is easy to navigate, and you can browse kratom products based on their origin country. The site offers kratom strains imported from Borneo, Bali, and Malaysia. You can also purchase horned, and Maeng Da Kratom products, as well as order live plants if you feel like growing the tree yourself.

The most intriguing section is the one dedicated to the best-selling products. Here you can see what the users consider the best kratom items offered on the website. In case you like any of the Coastline Kratom products, you can place an order in a matter of minutes.

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  1. I followed your suggestion and bought from TGM, I have to say I am quite satisfied with the quality of the products, they seem to be a pretty new Kratom vendor and they are trying to get on the radar with their Quality. Let’s see now if they will keep delivering good products

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