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More and more people use Kratom every day while good Vendors and online Dealers are harder and harder to find. Many Stores selling Kratom claim to sell the “legit” product, but we discovered the hard way that most of them are not. Here at No-Trafficking.com, our job is to test all the vendors on the Kratom Market and filter out the bad ones or let you know about the vendors that decreased quality over time, so you can avoid wasting your money on substandard Kratom. We are not getting paid by anyone to have our TOP  list of Kratom vendors the way we have it, our team is dedicated to having a legit ranking of the top kratom vendors month by month. Here are our recommended Kratom Vendors you can find online.

1. BKN Kratom

The Most Reputable Online Kratom Vendor with High-Quality Products

BKN Kratom Vendor took the community by surprise earlier in 2020 when it launched its first products (check out their website here). When we heard about them in mid-May, we didn’t know what to expect, but we placed an order to test them for ourselves. And boy, did they deliver. We were honestly surprised by the quality of their Kratom, especially since their prices were so low.

Before we put BKN Shop at the top of our list, we wanted to make sure that our initial experience wasn’t a fluke. We placed three more orders throughout June and we confirmed that, at least for now, BKN can keep up the quality of its Kratom over time.

BKN is a pretty unusual vendor. They sell Kratom in bulk, for wholesale prices, but their products are consistently strong. You’ll also find plenty of variety while browsing through their shop, although if this is your first order, we recommend their super powerful Green Bali. We tried and loved it.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that BKN is a new Kratom vendor. Its owners have worked in the Kratom industry since 2014 and they are driven by their passion for the products they sell. As Kratom enthusiasts, they know what buyers want when it comes to diversity, quality, and pricing.

This isn’t just our opinion at No-Trafficking.com. We’ve recently created a poll on Facebook to see what other people think of this new vendor in town. As you can see, responses were overwhelmingly positive. Here are our recommended Kratom Vendors you can find online.

2. TGM Kratom Shop

Our Long-Time Favorite Kratom Vendor: Excellent Quality and Low Prices

Reviewers and buyers are all in agreement about TGM Shop: this is one of the best online Kratom vendors by far (check out their website here). We first tested their products more than a year ago, and received our last order just last week, on June 23, 2020. Throughout this time, TGM has never compromised on quality.

Back when we first tried TGM, we didn’t expect them to be better than some of their more expensive competitors, but we were wrong. Maybe it’s because TGM is still a fairly new vendor and they want to built a solid reputation. Or maybe it’s because they are just as dedicated to Kratom as we are. In any case, one thing is certain: their Kratom is pure, effective, and surprisingly affordable.

But perhaps the best thing about TGM is that it has recently obtained its GMP certification, which might not sound like much, but is actually an important step forward for the vendor and its loyal clients. To become GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified, TGM went through extensive tests and consistently demonstrated high standards in manufacturing. 

In other words, if you’re looking for a vendor that is guaranteed to sell pure, unadulterated Kratom, TGM Shop is your best bet. Even the American Kratom Association recommends them as a trustworthy source.

That said, we like to keep our finger on the pulse of the Kratom community and their preferences. Back in 2019, when BKN was not yet live, we created a poll to see what buyers thought was the best online Kratom vendor on the market. TGM came out on top with a convincing majority of votes.

3. Coastline Kratom

Top Quality Kratom, but Its Prices Are a Bit High for Our Taste

For the longest time, long before BKN and TGM became popular, Coastline Kratom Vendor was one of the very few legit online shops. A family business at heart (check out their website here), the store was launched by husband and wife Fulton and Katrina, who dedicated most of their time to finding and selling the best possible Kratom powders for their customers.

To this day, Coastline has maintained the same standard of quality, and although their selection of strains and blends is fairly small, their excellent products and customer support have convinced thousands of clients to order exclusively from them. We would know: we’ve placed dozens of orders over the years and were never disappointed.

So why is Coastline no longer our no. 1 favorite? The answer is pricing. Unfortunately, their products are almost double the cost compared to TGM and BKN. We can get the same quality from the latter two, but for a much lower price, and for us, that matters.

There’s no doubt that Coastline will remain one of our top vendors for months to come. We simply can’t replace their robust Ultra Enhanced Kratom powders, and we love it that they even sell live Kratom plants for those of us with a green thumb. That said, we’ll be placing most of our orders with BKN for as long as Coastline keeps up its high prices.

4. Mitragaia Kratom

A Great Vendor Overall, but Quality May Have Decreased in Time

Mitragaia started out as Gaia Kratom in 2015 and quickly became a community favorite thanks to its wide variety of powders, capsules, and extracts (check out their website here). The company sold Kratom to individual consumers, but it also offered bulk deals for smoke shops and other vendors looking to distribute this natural herb.

Mitragaia was also one of our favorite vendors. The quality of its products was surprising, the prices were extremely competitive, and the one-day shipping sealed the deal. Then, the company ran into some trouble when several of its products were found to be contaminated. It changed its name to Gaia Ethnobotanical, but this didn’t help much. It was at this point that it dropped a few spots on our list.

Why is it our no. 4 vendor today? The company was only recently rebranded as Mitragaia, but since then, its owners have made several changes in terms of quality control. Most importantly, they now regularly test their products for contaminants in order to reduce the risk of further incidents. Naturally, this hasn’t convinced everyone to give Mitragaia a second chance, but we decided to keep testing its Kratom for our readers.

So far, we haven’t had any unpleasant surprises. In fact, some of their personalized blends – such as the 8-in-1 or the Elephant Kratom – have won our hearts. 

5. Kratom Crazy

The Best Vendor to Buy Kratom in Bulk for Resellers

A relatively new, Florida-based Kratom vendor, Kratom Crazy has been in our top 10 for a long time, and it’s unlikely that they’ll be leaving any time soon (check out their website here). Although it’s currently one of the most popular vendors on the market, Kratom Crazy has not decreased the quality of its products and continues to deliver potent powders one month after another.

We respect a Kratom shop with a solid philosophy and that’s exactly what best defines Kratom Crazy. The seller works exclusively with veteran farmers from Indonesia, and tests each and every batch for quality and purity. Their aim is to bring premium quality Kratom to all consumers, although their best deals are for bulk orders placed by resellers.

The best part? Kratom Crazy only sells powders that contain a minimum of 1.6% mitragynine. This is one of the two alkaloids that give Kratom most of those awesome benefits we keep talking about. With Kratom Crazy, you’re guaranteed to get a high alkaloid concentration and, as such, a potent powder. Trust us: we’ve tested most of their products.

Add to this the fact that all orders are delivered with USPS Priority Shipping for free, and you’ve got yourself a great deal. Plus, if you don’t like any of the products, you have 30 days to return them for a refund. It’s basically risk-free.

6. Herbal Salvation

A Small Collection of Powders, but Each Blend Has a Potent Effect

Unlike most Kratom vendors, Herbal Salvation (or Viable Solutions Herbal Salvation by its full name) has a long-standing tradition of selling medicinal herbs, as well as self-care products like hand-made soap (check out their website here). Thousands of positive customer reviews speak for themselves: this vendor has always been a trustworthy source of Kratom and our recent orders with them confirm this fact.

Herbal Salvation (not to be confused with HerbalSalvation.com, a vendor that currently sells Hemp products) doesn’t sell a wide variety of Kratom strains, but the ones that are available are surprisingly potent. We were especially pleased with two of their unique blends, Maha Kali Kratom and Plantation Maeng Da, both of which were powerful, but very smooth.

On our last order, we were happy to find out that Herbal Salvation is still running its advantageous Sample Packs for new clients. Although we’ve ordered from them for months now, we still love to treat ourselves to a 5-strain Sample Pack every now and then. This lets us try out new blends and the value we get from the purchase is outstanding.

The sample packs are available in quantities from 100 to 2000 grams, so you can always place a small, risk-free order to test their products before you commit.

7. Krabot

One of the Most Varied Selections of Kratom Currently on the Market

Florida-based Krabot is a Kratom shop that focuses exclusively on customer satisfaction, and it shows (check out their website here). Aside from TGM, you won’t find another website that sells as many authentic Kratom strains and proprietary blends as this one. No matter your taste and budget, you’re likely to discover something you like.

From classic strains such as Maeng Da and Bali to unique blends like the Krabot Super-Spec, this vendor has it all. You can buy your Kratom in powder form or, if you prefer, they also sell crushed leaves, capsules, and even extracts. The vendor offers same-day shipping on most products, and all orders are covered by a generous money-back guarantee.

The best part? Since 2015 when it was established, Krabot has been reviewed by thousands of happy customers. If you’re not sure about whether this is the right vendor for you, you can always browse through some of these reviews and see what other people have thought. A wide selection of products can be confusing, but you can rely on other buyers to describe each strain in detail. 

From our own experience, we can say that Krabot delivers consistently high-quality Kratom of all types. However, we remain loyal to their Krabot Morning Blend, which gives us a clean boost of energy every single time.

8. Happy Hippo Herbals

Higher Prices, but Most Buyers Say the Potent Blends Are Well Worth the Difference

Happy Hippo’s website is certainly not the best we’ve seen, but the product is what matters the most to us, and this vendor delivers on every promise (check out their website here). Like TGM, Happy Hippo Herbals is GMP certified, as well as recommended by the American Kratom Association. Even though the company started out small, it quickly built a reputation around its high-quality blends.

What we love about Happy Hippo (aside from its adorable logo, of course) is the fact that they constantly come up with new blends to keep clients on their toes. To be honest, we’re always on the lookout for their next product and we test everything as it appears on the website. So far, we’ve never had a subpar batch. Our all-time favorite is the Magic Hippo, a soothing Red Sumatra blend with a potent sedative effect, but other batches are just as impressive.

The only downside is that these products come at a premium cost, but if you ask most customers, they absolutely don’t mind. If you’re looking for a super cheap vendor, you’re better off with a vendor like BKN. But if you’re willing to pay a little extra for new experiences, Happy Hippo has a lot in store for you.

9. Botanical Bunny Kratom

The Perfect Mix of High-Quality Kratom and Affordable Prices

Back in 2017, Botanical Bunny was a roaring success in the Kratom community, and even though several years have passed since it first became popular, it continues to deliver top quality Kratom to this day (check out their website here). Like with all the vendors on this list, we test products from Botanical Bunny on a monthly basis. Our last order arrived on June 19, 2020, and we got a batch of Premium MD that blew our minds.

The reason Botanical Bunny is so far down our list is not because its products are not as good, but because this vendor still doesn’t test its Kratom in third-party laboratories. We see this as a red flag, but BB has so many positive reviews from verified customers that it’s difficult to argue against them. 

Not that we’d want to – we love their stuff, especially their Maeng Da and White Dayak. However, we also believe that in order for the Kratom community to move forward, more and more vendors must test their products for purity and potency. We hope that Botanical Bunny will subscribe to this philosophy in the near future. Until then, they’ll remain our little guilty pleasure.

10. Legit Kratom

Are They as Good as They Claim to Be? Our Tests Say Yes

We know what you’re thinking: having “Legit” in your name as a Kratom vendor is very convenient, but is this shop actually good or is it just trying to grab your attention? We thought the exact same thing, which is why we had to try their products for ourselves. As it turns out, their Kratom is, indeed, legit (check out their website here). And so much more than that.

When we first ordered from Legit Kratom, we wanted to try their proprietary LK Blend, which is a mix of Green Thai, Green Maeng Da, White Borneo, and Red Bali. It was a super refreshing experience for the entire team, and we’ve been regularly renewing our stock since. If you prefer pure strains, Legit Kratom has you covered. With dozens of varieties to choose from, even the pickiest buyer will find something to their taste.

It’s also worth noting that Legit Kratom is an affordable vendor compared to the market average. Unfortunately, the seller doesn’t make lab test results public, which is why it’s tenth on our list. That said, hundreds of positive reviews speak for themselves.

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  1. I followed your suggestion and bought from TGM, I have to say I am quite satisfied with the quality of the products, they seem to be a pretty new Kratom vendor and they are trying to get on the radar with their Quality. Let’s see now if they will keep delivering good products

  2. Always check this website to make sure I am getting best quality. Never been directed wrong! Agree TGM is the best! Tried 3 of the above including Coastline and have to agree TGM was my firm first place go to for Kratom. Have purchased from them since January, 2020 and have never been disappointed!

  3. I didn’t believe you guys, but I was so desperate b/c my fav vendors have gotten so bad, I can’t call em kratom suppliers anymore!!! TGM is the best!!! Their MG is unbelievable. Thank you guys for an honest article. Keep it up, I will be following!

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