Bed Bug Exterminator – What You Need to Know About Bed Bug Infestation

If there is one type of pest that no one wants to hear about it is the bed bug. Many believe that these little critters can be found in only dirty and unkempt homes, professionals in pest control will clear the air and let you know that bed bugs can be found in any home, clean or dirty. Here in the United States, bed bugs are a continuing epidemic. If perchance your home is infested with bed bugs, there is every chance that they got into your home through a guest or they got in through your luggage after a vacation. If you think you can get rid of bed bugs without any professional help, it is important you know that you will be on a mission that is impossible to be completed. Right before you throw away your bedding and furniture, it is recommended that you contact a bed bug exterminator to provide you with ideas of what you are currently dealing with and how you can go about getting rid of these unwelcome pests.

Bed Bug Infestations – What Should You Do?

Step 1: Contact A Professional

Never think of tackling bed bug infestation all by yourself. To properly exterminate bedbugs, one needs a good understanding of bedbug behaviors and biology, and the pesticides that can exterminate these pests are at the fingertips of the licensed, trained professionals. When you use these pesticides without proper training, it is not as effective as when used by a professional and it is important you are aware of the fact that it is very dangerous in the hand of a novice. Whenever you suspect an infestation, contact a professional, irrespective of how small or big the problem seems. Your best defense against an exacerbating infestation is a quick response.

Step 2: Cleaning

Though it takes a professional to eradicate your home of bed bugs, there are certain steps that you can take while waiting for your appointment to help in improving your family’s overall comfort and the population of bed bugs in your home. Vacuum cleaners can be infested with bed bugs, so it is best you make use of a vacuum with a vacuum bad when cleaning mattresses, upholstered furniture and box springs. It is important you do not make use of attachments with brushes or bristles.

Step 3: Reduce Clutter

Cramped closets, including cluttered areas and under-bed storage, provide places for the bed bug to hide. Ensure that every clutter is eliminated and be sure that there is access to every area of your home. Unless the treatment chemicals can reach all the spots when the pests are hiding, the only thing that a professional pest management can do is to reduce the problem rather than having it eliminated.

Step 4: Take Care of Laundry

It is important you know that bed bugs live and survive in fabrics, and the eggs are small that most times they are not always seen. The temperatures above 110-degrees Fahrenheit kill the bud bug alongside their eggs. Launder your linens, clothes, and furniture cushion covers frequently. Make use of a heated dry and a hot water wash.

Step 5: Use Mattress Covers

Box spring covers and mattresses specifically designed to encase bedbugs can assist in culling and containing your infestation. Beg bugs cannot escape this kind of material, they slowly starve and they find it hard spreading.

  • September 18, 2018
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