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If you are reading this, you are a human rights activist. You are in the forefront of helping women from all over the world avoid getting trafficked. We congratulate you because we share your advocacy.

Human trafficking, at this day and age, has no right to exist. Seriously. We look at it, really, as a modern day version of slavery.

As horrible, dehumanizing and barbaric slavery was, it’s still happening today. Sure, cosmetically, things may look cleaner and even seem to make sense, but deep down inside, the same issues are still involved. People are still not free, people are still feeling that they are somehow, some way, being pushed by circumstances to do things that they really would rather not do.

You have to understand that the modern philosophy and the modern principle that we all advocate for is to help people from all over the world, regardless of what they look like, regardless of where they come from, and regardless of the language they speak, to live life to the fullest. That’s what freedom is about. That’s what being alive and being human is all about. And unfortunately, all this goes up in smoke, or goes down the toilet, depending on your perspective, when it comes to human trafficking.

Now, it’s easy to be outraged by this, and we encourage you to be upset. Seriously. Get mad. Get out there. Speak up. Because this does not have to happen. And if you are so pumped up that you would like to create special blog posts for your Facebook posts, we congratulate you, we pat you on the back, and we would love to hang a medal on your neck.

Well, unfortunately, simply jumping in with both feet and writing off the top of your head a blog post that condemns any and all forms of anti-trafficking is just the first step. You have to understand that anybody can share their opinion on the internet. It’s so easy to do that nowadays. We all have the technology and the infrastructure to make that happen.

There are all sorts of publishing platforms you can take advantage of. You can use all these platforms to get heard. That’s not the issue. The issue, of course, involves saying the right thing at the right time, so the right people can hear what you’re saying and the right things happen.

This is not easy. It takes a lot of planning. You have to be systematic and methodical about it. And one of the key components of producing materials that people would actually sit up and pay attention to involves graphics.

If you’re going to be cranking out blog posts condemning all forms of trafficking, make them look good. Seriously. Because people on Facebook are not going to click on the link if there is no picture.

I know that sounds trivial, it definitely sounds superficial, but hey, let’s face it, in the modern world, people do judge a book by its cover. So come prepared.

Thankfully, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on compelling blog post graphics regarding anti-human trafficking articles. Seriously. You only need to go to to get free high quality blog photos.

Go to that website, knock yourself out, pop a lot of pictures in your article, and you’d be surprised as to how viral it can get.

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