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Global Grapher located at is the website of Global Photographer. This is an online platform where photographers offering professional services can service a specific area. If, for example, you live in San Francisco, you only need to go to to get in touch with people looking for wedding, bar mitzvah, anniversary, or any other type of event photography.

People can make good money on this platform. After all, excellent photography is not exactly the kind of skill you pick up randomly.

Now, with that said, there is also a tremendous social justice component to being a global photographer because you can help fight trafficking. Chances are, if you’re not taking snapshots of people getting married or taking snapshots of couples before they get married, you’re taking a lot of pictures. You’re doing this to hone your skills. You’re doing this to kill boredom. You’re also doing this to truly express the creative side of your personality.

All that is well and good, but if you really want to make the world a better place, you might want to devote some of your time taking snapshots and going out there and taking photos to help fight global trafficking.

Make no mistake about it, in the United States alone, there are hundreds of thousands of women being trafficked. We’re not talking about the classic sex slavery trafficking where people can obviously see that these women are being held against their will and images flash in your mind of Oliver Twist in the 1800s.

While those still happen in very extreme and remote situations, they are rather the exceptions instead of the rule. By and large, modern trafficking simply involves people working voluntarily, but being forced to forego legal rights. Overtime is one common example of this.

There are lots of women, usually from developing countries who immigrate and overstay their visa. Accordingly, they become legally vulnerable. People who are handling them know that they can easily be turned in to immigration authorities and back they go.

In this context, these women are very vulnerable and would pretty much do anything just to stay in the United States because a lot of them have families to support back home. Perfectly understandable. And the problem is, the first thing to go are their labor protections.

You’d be surprised as to how little many women, from Central America or Southeast Asia, are being paid to sew clothing for a hundred hours a week. We’re talking about below minimum wage.

It would be great if they were making minimum wage because at least they have some sort of legal protection, but they are not. This is way below minimum wage. And oftentimes, in the worst working conditions. We’re talking about oven-like heat. Crazy.

So when you’re out there and taking pictures, you probably will come across certain situations that can hint of human trafficking. The reality is that anti-trafficking organizations need some form of documentation for them to initiate investigations. Your photographs can go a long way.

So do yourself a big favor and become part of the fight to help bring protection to these women. Be part of the solution and share your photos. Take a lot of photos, take them everywhere, take them all the time, and share them. You’d be surprised as to how much you can help to create a better world.

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